Automated trading

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Automated trading

Trading through profit-making automation is gaining popularity due to the improvement of traditional trading. It was the creation of a universal transaction management system that saved many participants in the financial market. The results will not keep you waiting long.

How to automate trading correctly?

To use the automated trading system, a trader must perform a sequence of actions:
  • Choose the assets used in the trade
  • See forecasts from 4 robots (every 3 minutes a currency pair moves);
  • Make your own trading decision based on the recommended probability of the transaction.

What are the results of operations?

The Automated Trading platform has a software algorithm for the robot, so several implementation options are offered. In this regard, events will develop in several scenarios. Among them, the most frequent can be distinguished: All robots agree on a single solution (2%). Trading starts automatically.
The opinions of 3 robots coincided, a solution was proposed (37%). The robot performs the action, but the trader will be informed of the selected operation. Opinions were divided equally (61%). In this situation, it is the trader who must decide to open the corresponding operation.



The graph shows the results of the system. If the sale is growing in direct proportion, the total amount of the required deposit for automatic trading will need to be increased.


Successful deal

The chart shows the proportion of successful and unsuccessful trades made by traders. According to statistics, the rule remains. The maximum number of failed transactions during trading does not exceed 20% of the total number of transactions.

Learning Robot Data

The chart reflects the proportion of positions of robots when trading on the Forex market and the frequency of position layout:
  • 2% - unanimous decision of 4 robots.
  • 37% - advantage of 3 robots;
  • 61% - 2 on 2


Initially, I was sure that trading should be carried out by myself and I spent an extremely long time on it. A few months ago, together with KatanaInvest, I started trading another way using Automated Trading Systems. And two weeks later I was able to earn more than $300.
Charlie Edwards
I am already an experienced forex player and have always tried to look for brokers with the best investment conditions and the spread system. When my manager of KatanaInvest company told me that Automated Trading Systems was launching, I immediately began to actively trade using this advisor.
Charlotte MacAdam
I have been making money with Automated Trading Systems for more than six months. No matter what anyone says, the system works without fail: you can get the calculations of robots, control the time of updating the data and trade yourself for pleasure. I can track my own balance using the app on the phone.
Benjamin Coleman