Personal analyst

Personal analyst

What does a personal analyst do?

KatanaInvest has developed a special strategy. It will allow you to insure your clients against unintended risks, help them to take profit taking and form personal strategies for future operations.
KatanaInvest personal analysts build all transactions according to certain rules. The client must agree with the broker representative all his steps on the trading floors. The trader will find out from the specialist about the situation on the market, which positions will be the best. How trading assets behave at the time the transaction is opened. Then the personal analyst offers the client a strategy, and only after that he has the right to carry out trade transactions.

How will the analyst help?

Our company has qualified analysts who can help with trade issues in any markets, including international ones. They will help to start trading processes on any trading floors at any time. Traders with different levels of training and knowledge can contact us. This will allow them to earn good income and gain the experience necessary for personal trading.
How useful is the analyst?

Personal analyst