Copy&paste trades

Copy&paste trades

What is it?

Repetition or copying of transactions is an action in which a trader, using one of the trading platforms, performs the reproduction of the operation on his personal account. Simply put, you take a trade of one of the top traders and transfer it to your personal account.
Unlike investing in MAM accounts, when duplicating transactions, the investor doesn’t transfer his funds to a separate investment account, and trading is performed on client’s open account with a broker. It is important to consider that a trader cannot fully take control of the money management of his subscribers and is 100% responsible for the result of the work. On the other hand, this gives him the opportunity to trade with a comfortable deposit size on his trading account - which, of course, positively affects the results.
Obviously, if trader trades in an account with deposit of $ 5,000 and his subscriber holds $100 on his account, it will not be possible to trade exactly according to the system – the position size in the lots will be normal for the first and fatal for the second one. Externally, the copying of transactions is very similar to trading robots – all the same happens in an automatic mode. Moreover, often the signal providers trade with the help of advisers.
If you start trading with KatanaInvest, you will learn how to choose the right traders, learn how the way of copying deals works and how to get profit from it.
To start

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