Commodity market opportunities from KatanaInvest


This segment of the commodity market allows traders to carry out market operations using precious metals (gold, silver), minerals (oil and oil futures), as well as use contracts for the sale of raw materials (grain, oil, etc.)

Why invest in KatanaInvest?

Based on the large volume of offers, KatanaInvest company makes it possible to use contracts for the purchase / sale of precious metals and oil of the two leading standards Brent and WTI.


The key difference between CM

An important difference between CM and Forex and CFD is the sale of goods through a broker and through contractual obligations. Based on these trading conditions, everyone who wants to start making money in this market should understand that a broker can help make successful transactions with a client of the company. Therefore, KatanaInvest is ready to create for our users the best and most optimal strategy for working in the market.

It is CM's reliable investment through KatanaInvest that enables our customers to make timely returns. Do not miss your chance to make life better with us.

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Available CM tools

Symbol FX Security Exchange Currency Var Spread Pip Digit Lot Size Session (Daily)
ALUMINUM Aluminum LME USD 86 2 25 Monday-Friday, 3:01-20:59
COCOA Cocoa NYSE:ICE USD 176 2 10 Monday-Friday, 11:46-20:29
COPPER COPPER LME USD 130 2 25 Monday-Friday, 3:01-20:59
COTT2 Cotton #2 NYSE:ICE USD 2.3 2 500 Monday-Friday, 4:01-21:19
FCATT Feeder Cattle CME Group USD 10.1 2 500 Monday, 17:06-23:59, Tuesday-Friday,1:04-23:59
HOIL Heating Oil CME Group USD 5 4 42000 Monday-Friday, 1:00-24:00
LCATT Live Cattle CME Group USD 6 2 400 Monday, 17:06-23:59, Tuesday-Friday,1:04-23:59
LEAD Lead LME USD 139 2 25 Monday-Friday, 3:01-20:59
NICKEL Nickel LME USD 880 2 6 Monday-Friday, 3:01-20:59
PALLAD Palladium CME Group USD 27 2 100 Monday-Friday, 01:01-23:59
PLAT Platinum CME Group USD 40 2 50 Monday-Friday, 01:01-23:59
RBOB R.B.O.B Gasoline CME Group USD 6.24 4 42000 Monday-Friday, 01:01-23:59
RICE Rough Rice CME Group USD 5.1 3 20 Monday-Friday, 3:01-15:45, 16:30-21:14
SBEAN Soy Beans CME Group USD 30 2 20 Monday-Friday, 3:01-15:45, 16:30-21:14
TIN Tin LME USD 1.2 2 1120 Monday-Friday, 10:31-19:59
ZINC Zinc LME USD 100 2 5 Monday-Friday, 3:01-20:59